{- OUR MAIN DEMANDS. •(1) Grade Pay of Rs.5400 in PB-3 w.e.f 01.01.2006 to all Superintendents of Central Excise and Time scale in PB-3 on completion of 4 years service as Superintendent (2) Stagnation to be reduced to less than 4 years for induction to Group-A in STS ( DC) grade directly. (3) 3rd MACP & 2nd MACP should be Grade Pay Rs. 7600 in PB-3 & 6600 in PB-3 respectively. (4) Parity in matter of career prospects of (Group-B) Inspector along with Examiner of Customs and other counter parts.}----. Further we also demand that (1) 50% of Dearness allowance should be merged with basic pay (2), the New Pension Scheme and PFRDA Bill should be withdrawn (3) relaxation children education allowance from Income Tax (4) Cash less health scheme to all Central Excise Employees (5) removal of the unscientific ceiling in compassionate appointment (6)creation of separate service to maintain all India seniority list for Inspectors and prospective removal of zonal disparity in promotions (7) introduction of in situ/ time bound promotional scheme to grant 5 promotions to all Inspectors of Central Excise in their entire service career,those have completed 8 years as Inspector and 20 years as Inspector and Supdt. combinedly should be upgraded to the post of Supdt and AC respectively (8) immediate DPC against existing vacancies in the cadre of AC, (9) regularization of adhoc promotions pending since 97 on revised ratio as per SC decision dated 03.08.11(10) Three upgradations under MACP should be post based like ACP scheme.(11) provision for proper infrastructures to all offices with a provision of sitting arrangement as per prescribed norms (12) issue of laptop/mobile to all Inspectors/Superintendents (13)granting of pay scale of 2000-3200 & 6500-10500 to the cadre of Inspector w.e.f 01.01.86 & 01.01.96 respectively (14) granting of pay scale of 2200-4000 & 8000-13500 to the cadre of Superintendent w.e.f 01.01.86 & 01.01.96 respectively (15) CR must be conducted in every 4 years block like CSS.

Monday, 20 October 2014


We  have got innumerable telephonic calls today about the status of DPC and issuance of the promotion orders. Now, everybody is knowing that the DPC has been completed on last Sunday and minutes has been finalised in the late hours of yesterday evening. As far as the promotion orders are concerned, it is already under process. It will also, however, take the minimum required time.

Sunday, 19 October 2014


President:                                          Address for communication:                                            Secretary General:
Lokanath Mishra                        240, Razapur, Ghaziabad-201001 (U.P.)                                                   Ravi Malik
Mob. 09437314941                      mail Id:                                      Mob. 09868816290
Vice Presidents: Sampat Rai, Vatan Kamble (Central); A. K. Sharma, Ravi Joshi (North); A. Ravinder Singh, Rajan G. George (South); A. S. Roy, Shubhrangshu Deb (East); P. D. Nimhan, S. K. Jha (West)
Joint Secretaries: Anand Kishore, Laxmi Lal Singhvi (Central); N. N. Lal, R. K. Solanki (North); G. Srinath, S. Chandrasekar (South); Ashwini Majhi, V. N. Jha (East); G. K. Jhala, M. K. Misra (West)
Office Secretary: C.S.Sharma (Mob. 09313885411)             Treasurer: N.R.Manda (Mob. 09871483585)
(Recognised by G.O.I., Min. of Fin. vide letter F.No. B. 12017/10/2006-Ad.IV A Dt.21.01.08)
Ref. No. 197/P/14                                                                          Dt. 20.10.14
Ms. J. M. Shantisundharam,
The Chairperson, CBEC,
North Block, New Delhi.
Sub: Promotion orders to be issued in r/o the DPC being conducted for the post of Asstt. Commissioner.
Kindly refer to the Ref. No. 115/P/14 Dt. 28.05.14 & 120/P/14 Dt. 10.06.14 of the Association.
2. First of all, the heartiest thanks to the CBEC to conduct the much awaited DPC.
3. Further, it is submitted with due regards that the last promotion orders for the post of Asstt. Commissioner vide Office Order No. 74/2014 Dt. 31.03.14 of the CBEC were issued on ‘in-situ basis’. In-situ means that the promoted officer would have no right to work on the promoted post and would be forced to continue to work on the lower post only from which he/she has been promoted. The field authorities didn’t allow the promoted officers to assume the charge of the post of Asstt. Commissioner for months due to the term ‘in-situ’ used in the last promotion orders.
4. It is also submitted that the most of the Central Excise officers to be promoted as a result of the ongoing DPC are already at the fag end of the career. If they are transferred out of their present zones, they will face a lot of troubles. Even not being on fag end, they will face troublesome circumstances on being transferred to other zones.
5. It is also worth to submit that some more officers will be forced to retire without promotion, if we are unable to issue their promotion orders within October. Rather it will be the best “Deepawali Gift” for them from our CBEC, if the promotion orders are issued before Deepawali.
6. In view of the above, it is very much requested
i) To kindly not to use ‘in-situ’ term for the promotions. Instead it may kindly be mentioned in the orders that the officers would assume the charge at their present place of posting till the issuance of the transfer orders, if the transfer/posting orders are to be issued afterwards.
ii) The officers may kindly not be transferred out of their existing zones except willing ones. If sufficient vacancies are not available in the concerned zone, they may kindly be transferred only to nearby zones calling them back as soon as the vacancy occurs in the concerned zone. The officers within three years of the retirement may also kindly be given posting on the willing station.
iii) The promotion orders may kindly be issued before Deepawali.
            Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Secretary General.
Copy with the request for necessary action to:
The Member (P&V), CBEC, North Block, New Delhi.


Saturday, 18 October 2014


Dear friends,
I am getting regular calls about the status of DPC for the post of AC. As already intimated, the DPC is going on very well being started on 17.10.14. Being a very big DPC (the biggest for the post of AC in the history of CBEC), it is not a work of one day. It will take at least minimum required time for completion. All the concerned units, where anything is pending regarding this DPC for total 2539 posts of AC, are once again requested to do the needful within the completion of DPC. As all know, the concerned offices are opened even on Saturday & Sunday for this purpose throughout India.
The efforts of all of our concerned authorities including Chairperson, Member (P&V), JS (Admn), DS, US, SO, other Admin staff & committee in this regard, particularly for the developments happened in this month, are very appreciable as regularly being pursued with them by the Association. The Association specifically appreciates the work done by S/Sh. Mahendra Singh (CC, Meerut Zone), Yogendra Garg (Commissioner, Systems), Ranjit Kumar (ADC, Service Tax, Delhi), Prashant Jha (DC, Customs, ICD, Delhi) Ashwani lau (Supdt, Delhi), Anil Agarwal (Supdt, Delhi), Jitendra Singh (Supdt, Delhi), Amreek Singh (Inspector, Delhi), Abhisek Sangwan (Inspector, Delhi) and other concerned staff etc .(working as a team to streamline the things and bringing the DPC to its finality) on regular persuasion by the Association. 
And no need to say that we are very especially thankful to the committed & special efforts of our DG, HRD, Ms. Neeraja Shah and ADG, HRM, Ms. Renu Jagdev for holding of this DPC.
 It could, however, happened early if we were able to get  the required information supplied timely and correctly by field formations in response to the HRD letter written to them in the month of August or September, 13 on persuasion by the Association.
Ravi Malik, SG/AIACEGEO.

Govt Plans Weekly Training For All Its Employees

 Citing importance of Knowledge-Skill and Attitude (KSA) in employees for citizen-centric governance, the government today directed all ministries to hold in-house weekly Training of their Personnel “immediately” to help them perform their work efficiently.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
The move comes following a direction from Prime MinisterNarendra Modi, who has emphasised on providing regular training ofgovernment employees during a presentation made by Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions.
The objective of the hour-long in-house weekly training is to provide training to all employees of the ministry or department on a regular basis without dislocating their work, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) said in its Office Memorandum F.NO.T-17/A/2014-CTP(CSS) dated October 17, 2014.
At present, the senior civil servants are exposed to a number of training programmes at different stages such as induction training, mandatory mid-career training, in-service training, etc.
“These trainings are mostly organised service wise and within services at same level. Perhaps there is no training being imparted at ministry or department level covering all its Group B and C employees on same subject,” the order said.
The department would be free to choose training topics as per their requirements and utilise in-house expertise for imparting training.
Following the Prime Minister’s directive, the DoPT already started in-house weekly training for its employees.
“All officials from LDC up to Under Secretaries will be nominated in batches of 45-50 and the training will be conducted every Wednesday from 10 am to 11 am.
“You or your representative can attend this training after giving prior intimation, so that your ministry or department is familiarised to start in-house training ,” said the DoPT order sent to secretaries of all central government ministries and departments.
Accordingly, all ministries or departments are requested to start hourly in-house weekly training for their employees up to Under Secretaries immediately, it said.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

No post of Appraiser has been sanctioned for different Directorates, but Appraisers will also be posted in different Central Excise formations.

CBEC again make cadre-wise distribution of the posts and cadre-wise distribution of the 1194 sanctioned posts of Appraisers amongst three cadres is indicated below…

F.No. A-11019/08/2013 Ad.IV (Pt.)
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Excise & Customs

Dated: 16th October, 2014

All Chief Commissioners of Central Excise & Customs,
All Chief Commissioners of Customs,
All Chief Commissioners of Customs (Preventive),
All Directors General,
Chief Commissioner (AR). CESTAT, New Delhi,
Chief Commissioner (Tax Arrear Recovery),
Director, Central Revenues Control Laboratories,
Chairman, Settlement Commission,

Sub –  Allocation of posts in Group ‘A’. ‘B’ & ‘C’ amongst Reorganized Zones / Commissionerates and Directorates General / Directorates/Other Formations, consequent upon cadre restructuring of the Field Formations under CBEC- regarding.

Sir / Madam,
I am directed to refer to the Board’s letter F No. A-11019/08/2013 Ad. IV dated 01 08.2014, regarding allocation of the posts ïn various grades amongst the field formations under CBEC.

2. There are three Cadres of Appraiser grade posts, viz. Mumbai Custom Cadre, Chennai Customs Cadre and Kolkata Customs Cadre. Appraisers belonging to the said three Appraiser cadres are posted to Customs Commissionerates (including Customs Commissionerates manned by Central Excise Staff) as well as Central Excise Commissionerates. After notification of revised staff strength, vide Board’s order F. No. A-11019/08/2013 Ad. IV dated 01.08.2014; it has become necessary to again make cadre-wise distribution of the posts. Accordingly, cadre-wise distribution of the 1194 sanctioned posts of Appraisers amongst three cadres is indicated in the Annexure-A to this letter.

3. Customs Commissionerates (manned by Central Excise staff) and Central Excise Commissionerate will fill the posts of Appraiser allocated to them by concerned cadre controlling Zone, namely Mumbai, Kolkata &  Chennai.

4. All Chief Commissioners of Customs & Central Excise are also hereby authorized to post such Appraisers as drawn from the respective Cadre Controlling Authorities to any post of Appraiser under their jurisdiction.

5. Cadre Controlling Chief Commissioners of the three Cadres shall ensure that officers belonging to the cadre under their respective control are posted on rotational basis to all the Commissionerate sharing staff strength from the cadre under their respective control. Further, the working strength and vacancies in the cadre shall be proportionately shared with all
the Commissionerates of Customs and Central Excise sharing the cadre strength.

6. Cadre Controlling Chief Commissioners shall also ensure that the number of officers deputed to any Commissionerate does not exceed the quota of posts earmarked to that Commissionerate.

Yours faithfully,
(Bharati Sridhar)
Deputy Secretary to the Government of India


(referred to in the CBEC Letter No. A-11019/08/2013 Ad. IV dated .10.2014)

1. Mumbai Customs Cadre of Appraiser :
(CCA- Chief Commissioner of Customs Mumbai-I)
(i) Mumbai Customs (General) :25
(ii) Mumbai Customs (Export-l) : 20
(iii) Mumbai Customs (Import-I) 25
(iv) Mumbai Customs Import-lI) 25
(v) Mumbai Customs (Export-li) : 20
(vi) Nahva Sheva-I : 35
(vii) Nahva Sheva-Il : 35
(viii) Nahva Sheva-III : 35
(ix) Nahva Sheva-IV : 35
(x) Nahva Sheva-V : 35
(xi) Nahva Sheva General : 35
(xii) Mumba’ Customs-I (AP): 10
(xiii) Mumbai Customs-lI :27
(xiv) Mumba’- Customs-Ill :27
(xv) Mumbat Customs-IV : 27
(xvi) Mumbai Customs-V : 27
(xvii) Mumbai Customs (P) : 20
(xviii) Goa Custom House : 35
(xix) Pune-I CE : 3
(xx) Pune Customs : 5
(xxi) Nashik-l CE : 1
(xxii) Aurangabad CE : 5
(xxiii) Nagpur-I CE : 5
(xxiv) Ahmedabad Customs : 14
(xxv) Kandla Customs : 11
(xxvi) Jamnagar Customs (P) : 6
(xxvii) Mundra Customs : 24
(xxviii) Delhi Customs Airport : 20
(xxix) Delhi Customs ACC Export : 4
(xxx) Delhi Customs (PPG & Other ICDs): 10
(xxxi) Chandigarh-l CE : 6
(xxxii) Jodhpur Customs (P) : 10

Total : 622

Chennai Customs Cadre of Appraiser (CCA- Chief Commissioner of Customs, Chennai)
(i) Chennai Customs (Airport) : 10
(ii) Chennai Customs Sea North : 35
(iii) Chennai Customs Sea CentraI : 35
(iv) Chennai Customs Sea East : 35
(v) Chenriai Customs Sea West : 35
(vi) Chennai Customs Sea South : 25
(vii) Chennai Customs ACC : 35
(viii) Chennai Sea General : 20
(ix) Cochin Customs (P) : 2
(x) Cochin Custom House : 25
(xi) Vizag Custom House : 20
(xii) Bangalore Customs (Airport & ACC):20
(xiii) Mangaore Customs : 10
(xiv) Thirvanthapuram CE : 5
(xv) Coimbatore CE : 3
(xvi) Tuticonri Customs : 5
(xvii) Trichy Customs (P) : 10
(xviii) Hyderabad Customs : 20
(xix) Guntur CE : 5
(xx) Delhi Customs Airport : 10
(xxi) Delhi Customs ACC Export : 3
(xxii) Delhi Customs (PPG & Other ICDs)’ : 10
(xxiii) Amritsar Customs (P) : 5

Total : 383

III. Kolkata Customs Cadre of Appraiser (CCA- Chief Commissioner of Customs, Kolkata)
(i) Kolkata Customs Port : 96
(ii) Kolkata Customs Airport & ACC: 39
(iii) Kanpur CE : 7
(iv) Meerut CE : 3
(e) NOIDA Customs : 6
(vi) Lucknow Customs (P) : 4
(vii) Shillong Customs (P) : 2
(viii) Bhubaneshwar Customs (P) : 4
(ix) Delhi Customs Airport : 10
(X) Delhi Customs ACC Export : 3
(xi) Delhi Customs (PPG & Other lCDs): 10
(xii) Ludhiana Customs : 5

Total : 189

Total Cadre-wise Strength:
I. Mumbai Customs Cadre : 622
II. Chennai Customs Cadre : 383
III. Kolkata Customs Cadre : 189

Grand Total : 1194

 Chairperson of CBEC, J M Shanti Sundharam
Chairperson of CBEC, J M Shanti Sundharam

The Chairperson of CBEC has directed to open the vigilance / establishment sections of each and every Ccommissionerate on 18.10.14 and 19.10.14  as DPC  to be held on 17 to 19.10 .2014 at Board office to grant promotions to the grade of Asst. Commissioner  on adhoc basis for 2118 temporary posts as well as 421 regular posts..